Apr 30, 2019 • 1HR 6M

Colin Hudon

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Adam Yasmin
An unedited long-form interview space that ponders about a tech / life balance. Hosted by Adam Yasmin in Los Angeles.
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This week I am thrilled to share my conversation with a dear old friend, Colin Hudon, founder of Living Tea. I first met Colin at burning man ten years ago and watched him begin his tea journey in parallel with becoming a TCM practitioner and licensed acupuncturist. His company Living Tea purveys the best aged teas I’ve ever had the pleasure of imbibing and he recently launched a seasonal tea club. Check out www.livingtea.net for more info. We both happened to be drinking rock teas (aka yancha) and spoke of tea culture, homes, technology, and sympathetic joy. photo of Colin by @iluminadora