Mar 4, 2019 • 40M

Joseph Cohen

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Adam Yasmin
An unedited long-form interview space that ponders about a tech / life balance. Hosted by Adam Yasmin in Los Angeles.
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Thanks for checking out wabi sabi podcast, a show that ponders about life through the lens of imperfection + impermanence. Quick reminder to let listeners know that this show covers a wide range of topics from one interview to the next.. from music to technology to humanism to work to food to family and much more… and one more thing.. you’ll be hearing sounds that pertain to gong fu cha aka ritualised chinese method of tea preparation marked by time, effort, and reverence. Today I had my first caller interview in Brooklyn with Joseph Cohen, founder of Universe, an ios app bringing the joy of building, hosting, launching, and updating a website all to your iphone or ipad. We spoke about technology - tea - and the virtues of self-awareness. I’ve personally been on Universe for almost 2 years and it’s absolutely fucking brilliant, thoughtful, and powerful. Highly encourage that listeners who are inspired after our discussion head to the app store and explore what it has to offer. I’m not an ambassador nor is this a paid sponsorship, i’m just a personal fan of people utilizing technology that’s insightful that inspires mindful play and authentic self-expression.