Moses Hacmon of Channel Water

Listen now (80 min) | My guest this week is Moses Hacmon of Channel Water. This man embodies water consciousness. He's a gifted artist / photographer / architect and more. He started 'Faces of Water' as a proprietary form of water photography in 2013 and is currently in the process of establishing a non-profit here in Los Angeles as a model for other cities; The Water Museum. He's had many solo/group exhibitions to date: notably a 'Faces of Water' installation at Terminal 7 LAX. I think his art speaks to the soul that well predates humanity. That may come off as a heady statement but go see his art and you'll agree with me. We had a very fluid conversation fueled by my favorite raw puerh, 2008 'Often' by my illustrious tea sponsor, White2Tea. I'll let this conversation (first of many) speak for itself... we touched on art, life, meaning, the mind, and of course plenty of water. and subscribe to 'Channel Water' on YouTube

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