Mar 22, 2019 • 1HR 1M

Pitango Maybe

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Adam Yasmin
An unedited long-form interview space that ponders about a tech / life balance. Hosted by Adam Yasmin in Los Angeles.
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Welcome to Wabi Sabi + thanks for checking out the podcast. It’s still new and has no marketing budget, so please subscribe if you’re enjoying the talks and leave a review. This show has no sponsors and am currently exploring community engagement via patreon. If you’d like to learn more about that check out My guest today is Pitango Maybe. He’s an artist, ringmaker, and storyteller. He’s a friend I met years ago in Los Angeles and our orbits don’t sync up often so I was surprised when he learned of this show and asked to come on to speak about a politically polarizing topic.. Palestine and Israel. That being said, I am including a CONTENT WARNING as the topics discussed may be triggering for some. While we do discuss subjective and objective views on the middle east there are also stories shared of military service that include themes of combat, death, and PTSD. If you take issue with these topics then you may want to pass on these stories for now… otherwise keep your mind free and your heart open. IG @pitangotrotoush