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a brief on how not to approach newsletters

There’s enough news and then some.

Depending on where you’re going to be reading this from (personally I’m writing from Los Angeles) welcome to day 5,438,490 of this…. whatever you wish to call it. Here in the states, it seems we will be living in an infodemic that may very well outlast the pandemic.

Let’s take a breath.

How are you doing?

What is quarantine / lockdown / physical-distancing / safer-at-home looking like for you?

Personally I’ve been at home with my superhero partner Pamela and our not-so-little daughter, who just turned 5, and is an avatar-in-training.

I’m unsure if I want to structure these emails the same way every time so that they become templates themselves and then end up getting categorized by our brains along with other “5 things I’m trying that you should try right now” newsletters, so I’ll refrain for now unless you reach out and request that.

Think of this as me workshopping how to write coherently to other humans in an effort to stay in touch and inspire each other.

Speaking of inspiration in the midst of an infodemic, consider watching this interview between Yuval Noah Harari (historian / philosopher / author) and Audrey Tang (the first openly trans elected official + Digital Minister of Taiwan) discuss the future of democracy, work, and identity.

I’m extremely humbled to have the opportunity to interview Audrey Tang for the podcast in the fall, so stay tuned for that conversation.

Finally, please check out past episodes of the podcast if you’re seeking more raw and authentic long-form conversations.

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