Sep 17, 2019 • 58M

Smartphone Addiction and the benefit of 'Going Light' with Joe Hollier

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Adam Yasmin
An unedited long-form interview space that ponders about a tech / life balance. Hosted by Adam Yasmin in Los Angeles.
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My guest today is Joe Hollier -- artist, product designer, and co-founder of Light, which develops simple phones that are brilliantly designed to be used as little as possible aka 'going light'. "Light was born as an alternative to the tech monopolies that are fighting more and more aggressively for our time & attention. Light creates tools that respect you. Objects that empower you to be your best self. Technology intentionally designed to be used as little as possible. Things that serve, not enslave you." We discussed the origins of the Lightphone, recognizing smartphone addiction, and the benefits of 'going light'. My glorious tea sponsor is Wabi Sabi is listener-supported at